Generative AI is the brain…. UnifyGPT is the mind

Embrace the future of insurance with UnifyGPT. Our autonomous agent technology revolutionizes processes, from sales to claims, optimizing efficiency. Equipped with expert knowledge, our agents facilitate seamless deals across insurance domains. Customer experience management ensures continuous support for retention. Through Computer Vision, Mobile Computing, and Machine Learning, UnifyGPT automates claims, boosting efficiency and cutting costs. This transformational automation extends to intricate actuarial tasks, propelling the industry towards unmatched speed and efficacy.

A Fully Functional Bot With Various Capabilities


AI/ML/LLM/RPA Integration

UnifyGPT’s Autonomous Agents seamlessly combine the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Large Language Models (LLM), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This synergy enables intelligent decision-making, predictive analysis, and efficient task automation, transforming insurance operations.


Natural Language Understanding

With advanced Natural Language Understanding, our agents comprehend complex human language nuances, enabling effortless communication between customers, agents, and systems. This bridges the gap between human intent and technological responsiveness.


Handwriting Recognition

UnifyGPT’s agents possess the ability to recognize and interpret handwritten information. This feature expands data capture possibilities, allowing insurers to efficiently process and interpret handwritten documents for accurate and swift decision-making.


Computer Vision

Through Computer Vision capabilities, our agents gain visual intelligence. They can analyze images and videos, extracting valuable insights from visual data. This assists in tasks like property assessment, damage evaluation, and claims processing.


Natural Language Processing

UnifyGPT’s mastery of Natural Language Processing enhances communication by facilitating text analysis, sentiment detection, and content understanding. This capability empowers agents to engage in meaningful conversations and provide relevant information promptly.


IoT Connectivity

Our agents are not limited to software interactions; they’re equipped to connect with the Internet of Things (IoT). This connectivity enables real-time data exchange with connected devices, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that can be harnessed for risk assessment, proactive alerts, and personalized offerings.

Create competitive advantage for your business through AI

Most enterprises are engaged in tough competition and need every advantage possible. What better way to edge out your competition than harnessing the power of multiple AI engines. What was difficult and unattainable before is now within reach using UnifyGPT. Enterprises have made huge Information Technology, and UnifyGPT integrates with those systems seamlessly. We understand AI, We understand Enterprises.

UnifyGPT enables Enterprises to develop core AI capabilities and assets. First using UnifyGPT’s Prompt Templates, enterprises can formulate Prompts with embedded variables and over time create a repository of Prompts. Second, using UnifyGPT’s SmartSearch with built-in state machine, one can store a historical series of results; rerun queries to compare results over a period of tome; compare output from different prompts and more.

ChatGPT was just the beginning. We go beyond Large Language Models by combining results from multiple forms of AI, ML and search to generate output valuable to Enterprises. These results can be scheduled, stored, compared, exported to enterprise databases and systems with a comprehensive management console that acts a AI nerve center for your enterprise.

How UnifyGPT Works

UnifyGPT provides Enterprises with a comprehensive suite of AI management tools. This includes a Multi-Modal Prompt Testing Tool; Full Fledged AI Project Management with Formulating Prompts with variables, Scheduled Queries, Output Storage and Export to Enterprise systems; Enterprise Analytics and more.

Areas where UnifyGPT can add tremendous business value

UnifyGPT equips insurance enterprises with an extensive array of AI management solutions. This encompasses a Multi-Modal Prompt Testing Tool, a robust AI Project Management system for formulating prompts with variables, scheduling queries, storing outputs, and seamlessly exporting to enterprise systems. Additionally, it offers tailored Enterprise Analytics and beyond, designed to elevate insurance operations.

Whether it be a life, property & casualty or health insurance, our Autonomous agents have the knowledge and expertise to assist agents in closing the deal.

Automate the process for insurance claims using Computer Vision, Mobile Computing and Machine Learning to speed things up and save money.

Actuarial Sciences are at the heart of the Insurance industry.  However, actuarial services are expensive and time consuming.  Automation of such functions can reduce speed and improve efficiency.

Improve Customer Retention through advanced autonomous agents.  Be available 24x7x365 for your most valued asset – Your Customer.

What sets us apart?


Increase Revenues

Our intelligent agents drive customer engagement, boosting conversions and retention for your business 24×7.


Drive down costs

Enterprises reduce on costs on paperwork and administration while helping human experts focus on high value-added tasks.



Unlike videos which are passive, or expensive in-person deployment, UnifyGPT offers the ability and converse with AI agents similar to human experts.



UnifyGPT aggregates many AI  and search engines as well as Custom Datasets to produce results.


AI Observability

The use of Blockchain for AI Observability.  This provides enterprises with audit trails and clarity and to avoid bias.


Private Cloud

Dedicated cloud instances prevent data leaks to AI Engines or public clouds, ensuring enterprise data security.


Tag Injection

The ability to pre-process prompts and to inject enterprise specific tags and custom business logic.  We also enable our agents to be trained using custom data sets.


Enterprise integration

Integration with existing enterprise systems through data import/export, APIs and more. Personalize interactions through  CRM integration.


3 Dimensional

Rich 3D user interactions using autonomous bots with multiple interaction locales.


Simply Drag & Drop

Easy to use low code system that enables enterprises to quickly adopt latest AI technologies.



Interactions using voice, text, images, video, with support for multiple languages, math and music symbols.


AI NFT Marketplace

Marketplace for the sale of AI and interaction related digital goods using NFTs and decentralized finance.



Join us on a new journey!!!